Preservation Issue

Evans Residence


William Sutherland Beckett, 1952 The home of lyricist Ray Evans is back on the market after a series of real estate listings.  The architect, William Sutherland Beckett, was confused with Welton Becket in at least one of the listings.  The current listing makes no mention of an architect.  The sellers are marketing the house as a teardown to be replaced by plans designed for the site by X-Ten architects. Our Residential Chair reports that the property has been compromised including demolition of the terrazzo floors and removal of built-in cabinetry. Read more » [...]


Cinerama Dome

Welton Becket and Associates, 1963 In 1963 Welton Becket and Associates proposed radical new plans for a Cinerama Inc. theater and prepared to build 600 worldwide over a two-year period.  The radical design was based on the geodesic dome developed by R. Buckminster Fuller. The building concept was praised for its efficiency both in cost and speed at which it could be built. The first location to be built is located on Sunset near Vine Street and was completed by the November 2nd press premiere of It’s a Mad, Mad, Read more » [...]