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Gladys & David Wright House on the Market - Phoenix

The Gladys and David Wright House is on the Market

Under eminent threat to be demolished and lot split for 2 new homes.

  • Built: 1951
  • 2+ Acres/94,913 s.f. with views of Camelback Mountain
  • 2,553 S.f.
  • 4 BR, 4BA
  • Dining in Living Room/Great Room
  • Separate Guest house with Carport
  • Philippine mahogany wood ceilings, cabinets, doors, and window casings
  • Swimming Pool constructed as part of exterior architectural detail
  • Frank Lloyd Wright designed area rug
  • Built in storage
  • Concrete floors
  • Frank Lloyd Wright designed table and 4 chairs, and Blueprints of home

House History: Designed and built for Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, David Samuel Wright, and wife Gladys, the only owners.

View a video:

Background on issue in saving this home:

Frank Lloyd Wright Conservancy:

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

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