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Barry Building Support Needed

Milton Caughey, 1951

Your support is needed for the Barry Building, Historic-Cultural Monument #887. The Final EIR (Environmental Impact Report) still calls for demolition of the landmark despite  more than 800 letters of support submitted with the release of the DEIR (Draft Environmental Impact Report).

As we mentioned in this post, the Barry Building at 11973 San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood is threatened with demolition to make way for a new development called Green Hollow Square. Charles T. Munger seeks to raze the building while preservationists encourage an alternative plan with development surrounding the existing structure.

The building was designed by architect Milton Caughey (1911-1958) and completed in 1951. The post-war building contributed to a new vision for the San Vicente commercial corridor. The City of Los Angeles declared the Barry Building a Historic-Cultural Monument in 2007.

It would be a rare occurrence for a Historic-Cultural Monument to be demolished, but can very well happen and set a bad precedent in the preservation of our modern resources. Please take a few moments to  send a message to Councilman Eric Rosendahl at and copy the Los Angeles Conservancy office at Ever letter of support makes a difference and if you live in Councilman Rosendahl’s District, these letters can be exceptionally influential. Please emphasize that you are a constituent and that retaining the landmarked Barry Building is important to the character of Brentwood.

Here are some suggestions for what to include in your message:

1. The Barry Building is a designated Los Angeles landmark, Historic-Cultural Monument #887. Every effort should be taken to avoid the demolition of this designated landmark, which would call into question the City’s ability to protect our cultural heritage when clear adaptive reuse options exist.

2. The Barry Building can be adapted as the centerpiece of a successful Green Hollow Square project, preserving the unique and authentic character of Brentwood that many in the community have consistently supported.

3. The Barry Building can be sensitively upgraded for enhanced energy efficiency to meet the project’s sustainability goals.

4. Alternative 4, the preservation alternative, should be the preferred project as it would retain and reuse the Barry Building while meeting many of the project’s goals. These include providing the same number of parking spaces and nearly the same amount of square footage as the currently proposed project.

Thanks for your support!


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